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Obama’a inspiring speech to elementary children…using a teleprompter?

Posted by Randy

The kids were thrilled to have a real, live teleprompter in their classroom

The kids were thrilled to have a real, live teleprompter in their classroom

The great communicator, the best orator we’ve ever had as a president, the best political genius since Lincoln visited Graham Road Elementary School in Falls Church, VA on Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2010. As I watched this video with my jaw hanging down to my chest, there were a few very strange things about this visit. The main thing that surprised me was that he came to a 6th grade classroom with the full Presidential podium. Odd, considering he was addressing 12-year old kids. Next is that the message was just another political speech rife with bullet points and a laundry list of accomplishments. Now, they never showed the kids in the video, but I would suspect that after hearing the goals and accomplishments of his administration for the 9th time, they were probably forming the letter “L” with their fingers and placing it up on their foreheads while muttering “loser” under their breath.

The last thing is that he never looked at the audience; his audience of 6th grade kids. He continually looked from side to side at 45 degree angles every two to four seconds while reading his prepared speech…from the TELEPROMPTER. Yep, you got that right. The great communicator could not sit with a bunch of kids around his daughter’s ages and actually just speak with them. He had to read a ridiculous campaign speech to them. I mean I was bored 14 seconds into the video. Look at the picture above; this guy looks like an idiot with the podium, three monitors, two microphones, and his teleprompters. I wonder how his Education Secretary Arne Duncan felt while standing there for five minutes and forty seven seconds while Obama forced the kids into an unscheduled naptime. Cries of “where’s my juice box” can be heard if you listen to the video carefully. An independent analysis of the audio portion also revealed that little Jimmy Wagner of Jefferson, VA can be heard crying, “this is not the Obama my parents voted for. Why can’t he just talk to us? I wanna go home.”

There are still people out there that say he gives great speeches, and that he really speaks to them, but I would like to know who these people are. Is there anyone out there with an IQ higher than a muskrat who can still listen to Obama and watch him read a prepared speech and believe any of the garbage he says? He is in full crisis mode one year into his transforming presidency, but he is giving boring speeches on his programs to kids who probably walked away thinking that he is just another empty suit spewing a bunch of stuff they don’t understand. He had a real opportunity to go in without cameras and really connect with them, but he had to make it into a show, another photo opp like he did with the fallen soldiers in their caskets. It always has to be about him.

And one more observation about the timing of this speech to the 6th graders which he read off of his teleprompter. It was on Tuesday, January 19th, 2010. The day of the election that rocked the Democrat Party. The day that a Republican wiped the floor with a Democrat in the blue state of Massachusetts. What was Obama doing hiding in a classroom when the one vote that could have saved his healthcare agenda was drowning in a sea of unsatisfied independent voters? Remember, everything he does is cool and calculated. He doesn’t care about those kids, he just needed a place to take cover while his far-left liberal agenda was going down the tubes. Well, Mr. President, you can’t hide from the American people who are literally screaming at you to stop the tax and spend policies that are bankrupting us and forcing jobs to go away. They want you to stay out of their business, and let them pursue their lives, their liberty, and their happiness. I hope you double down on your agenda Mr. President, because you will be back in the private sector come 2012. Here’s the video:


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  2. Chuck S. says:

    Far too often lately I find myself embarrassed to be a conservative and a Republican. Here’s the real story on the Obama photo. That shot was from a press conference in a classroom. He met with kids later in another room:

    By the way, I watched all seven hours of the health care summit yesterday. All these radical right folks who want to convince everyone this guy is an empty suit without a teleprompter are nitwits, and that’s being kind.

    There’s plenty to criticize about the Democrats’ agenda, but when the critics stoop to completely misrepresenting the situation, it not only completely dilutes their message, but destroys their credibility.

    Why can’t we all just grow up and have an adult discussion of the issues without this nonsense?

  3. Randy says:

    Thank you for the comment Chuck. Empty suit? Maybe not, but the seven hour meeting was just a show so he could deride the Republicans. Unfortunately for Obama, he came away looking angry that the Republicans were prepared and that they seemed to know more about the bill than he did. But all of the meetings and nitty gritty about the bill are getting more attention than the fact that it is NOT the role of government to administer or choose the way healthcare is delivered. The 535 members of Congress along with Obama and Biden are not qualified, nor should they ever have a say about what happens between a doctor and a patient. Period. I’m all for an adult conversation as long as it takes healthcare reform off the table.

  4. Chuck S. says:

    Randy, I could not agree more, it should not be the role of the government to administer healthcare.

    Unfortunately, the reality is that taxpayers are already footing the bill for nearly half the healthcare spending in this country, and that’s only going to go up.

    That’s where I break ranks with those who say we can’t afford healthcare reform. We can’t afford NOT to fix the system.

    I heard a lot of issues discussed Thursday that made sense to leaders from both parties. But taking the stance that you’re “all for an adult conversation as long as it takes healthcare reform off the table” means either the status quo remains, or the Democrats pass their own bill with limited compromises. Not sure I like either of those options.

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